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Jan 16, 2013 11:00pm EST
a natural for president obama for years ago and had absolutely no idea what we're doing, i can tell you the folks regardless of who the chair isn't folks at shennell hy daring to logistical lift on this. this march up to make sure the president imprinted on some of these events. one of the ways they do that is in the parade is the colonel mentioned along with military elements are 58 different groups, 58 different groups, flows and vehicles from all 50 states, everything from virginia military institute just across the river in virginia, which march in a number of inaugural parade of the way through one of my favorites, a group from maine if you cyclist joining us but i believe are called, but they get the name quite right, did jim dandies. so they will pass in front of the white house. the president will stand and watch the entire pass in review and enjoy the parade along with thousands of folks who will calm down and be watching from along the parade route. one sentence, the price and it goes inside in the official his days don and he is ready for the nokia will follow. as you see
Jan 17, 2013 11:00pm EST
basis. during our candlemaking this past june in orlando, vice president biden pledged the obama administration would make sure that future infrastructure investments are more targeted to local areas. in november of last year, the vice president hosted our leadership in the white house to discuss the fiscal cliff and concerns of mayors regarding both investment programs in tax-exempt financing. whenever there's a major issue that demands attention, again and again and again, vice president joe biden has shown the leadership and courage needed to help move our nation in the right direction. that is why it is certainly very hard when president obama asked vice president biden to the special task force to develop responses to the tragedy that not only sandy hook elementary school, the daily tragedies all across america. the nation's mayors and vice president biden have stood together for many, many years in support of public safety. after all, who has been senator joe biden who champions the crime bill, which established the cops program and included the ban on assault weapons and l
Jan 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
penalties on gun sellers, and the source says obama will not announce 19 executive actions but those he will choo is prosecuting people who failed background checks, 71,000 did that last year. lied on their background check. more work on mentality health, school security, although not arming guards. and'm examining video games. that a whole other situation we'll get into in a minute. what do you think of the chance office these getting through the body you just left, congressman? >> it's really wild talking about overreach, and let me talk about the democrats for just a sac. because hari reid talks about the assault weapon ban and the chance office his being able to get through the united states senate which is controlled by the democratic majority. he said it ain't going to happen. he said look at the red state senators who are up for re-election in north carolina, or out west, or down south, wherever they're from. and that what i'm talking not terms of overreach. if this was something close the loophole on gun shows, catch the 40% of people who are going into gun shows and buying t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3